Anonine VPN review


Although it scores points in some areas (Wireguard, Bitcoin, Netflix unlocking), low speed and other troubles make it difficult to use Anonine. The company’s network is relatively small, only 150 servers in 35 countries. But as soon as you connect, the service more than covers the basics of VPN: P2P compatibility, 5 simultaneous connections, with no restrictions on bandwidth and speed.

More unusual additions include support for port forwarding and the ability to get a free public IP address for a Swedish location. Your IP address will not be protected by the Anonine firewall, but this means that you can provide services on your system to the Internet (for example, start a server), and Anonine assumes that it can “improve your experience” with P2P and online gaming.

Signing up with Anonine is easy because the company supports payment types such as cards, PayPal, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and more. For example, by clicking the Windows link, you did not just download the executable file, but also opened a new page with a screenshot and tips on installing and configuring. Not that we really need it, because the client has downloaded and installed within a few seconds, with a minimum of hassle.


Mobile VPN application uses

Mobile VPN applications usually have less functionality than their desktop counterparts, but the Anonine Android offer brings it to a new level. There is no “Favorites” system, there is no protocol selection, there is no configurable destruction key, there are no settings at all: this is just a list of locations and the “Connect” button. Great for ease of use, not so interesting if you’re looking for features or functionality.

The news was mostly good, the client immediately noticed the problem and updated its interface, reporting that the VPN had disconnected. Unfortunately, there were no notifications on the desktop, so if the Anonine interface were out of sight, you would not understand that something happened.

The only small problem is that, even if the auto-reconnect feature is enabled, it does not work if the kill switch is turned on. You must turn off the shredding switch and then reconnect manually. But this is a small design point, and in general, the kill switch worked exactly as it should.

Anonine is a complex VPN to judge since for every plus there is a problem with compliance (especially it’s the very slow speed in some places). This can be a sensible choice if you need its specific features – a Swedish VPN that supports Wireguard and unlocks Say, US, Netflix, but everyone else should give Anon a chance.

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