Capture One vs Lightroom

Capture one vs lightroom

Talking about the best photo editing software, everyone is aware of Adobe’s Lightroom, where you can edit a lot of raw photos at once. We have discussed the adobe lightroom in several previous articles. To get a better understanding of Lightroom, read these articles here.

In this article, we are going to tell you about a photo editing software that can compete with Adobe Lightroom and compare it with Lightroom. Capture One is that software. This photo editing software was developed by Phase One. It is a medium-sized camera company. Professional Photographers can use Capture One to edit photos very well. This software is perfect for those who care about Raw Photos.

capture one vs lightroom
Capture one and lightroom are the best raw photo editing software.

Differences between Lightroom and Capture One.

Import photos

There is a slight difference in the way you import photos. In Lightroom, you can go to the Library module and click on Import and import the images.

The options bar of Capture One has a button directly imported. Click on it and select the folder you want to add your photo too.

Export photos

There is also a difference in the way the edited photos export. You can export it in Lightroom as File -> Export or by clicking the Export button. On Capture One, the Export button is in the options bar along with the Import button. Click on it, and we can export the file format, quality, and resolution as we wish. The watermark addition section in the export window in Lightroom is not in the export window of the capture one. To add a watermark, go to Output -> Process Recipes -> watermark in the edit menu.

Settings Menu

In Lightroom, all settings in one module. It called the development module. There are 8 main categories in the development module. These are BasicTone CurveHSL/Color/B & WSplit ToningDetailLens Correction, and Effects & Camera Calibration. In Capture One has 10 main settings categories on the left side. Capture One’s primary focus is on camera settings and lightning. In Lightroom’s developer, the library divided into several modules. But in Capture One, all settings, Import & export, are found on the same interface. Capture is one of the best tools, but it’s not convenient to come with presets when opening the image. The image should read neutral, and the artist applies the tools. The artist does the art with the best tool. Capture one 12 applies automatic noise reduction and had customer returns. He needed all the noise, and not seen that automatic reduction.

Colour and Light Settings

These settings used to edit the full-colour behaviour of the image. HSL, Color, and B&W have three main components. HSL is Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. The three sub-categories are also under HSL. Eight colours can change from red to magenta and all the colours in the photo. For example, if you improve the tone to red, only the red spot in the picture change. The B&W is the black, white colour to the photo. Eight colours are affected as before. Colour and light settings are very similar in both applications.

lightroom develop module
Develop mode > Basic Settings & Tone Curve

The starting point is different, and I feel that edit in Lightroom is more comfortable than edit in Capture One. But it is different from one person to another. A camera manufacturer manufactures capture one, and you can see a few additional features. When the images imported, it displayed in the software in the same colour as the LCD screen of the captured camera. It is often helpful in editing.

But in the Lightroom, all the photos look natural. We need to edit until we get the colour and lighting we want


Both tools provide tools for several specific tasks. Lightroom has 6 tools, and Capture One has 11 tools. Crop tool, brush tool, red-eye tool, spot healing tool are used here.

In Capture One, you can directly edit image metadata in the settings menu. But if you want to edit metadata in Lightroom, You need to open the Presets window in Lightroom and go to Edit Presets.

Final Desition 

However, Lightroom is a software developed by adobe company. That has experience in this field for many years, and many use Lightroom. The newer version allows you to edit images much more smoothly. I recommend Lightroom for any photo editing as it is a software used by many around the world.

As far as Capture One is concerned, the software that has been successfully developed by a new company is giving Lightroom a good match. Lightrooms are available at relatively low prices. Both companies are planning to make their software successful for their customers by adding more and better features in the future.

For a complete description of Lightroom and how to use it, go here. We will publish a full article on how to use capture one in the future. Please share with us the difference between Lightroom and Capture One and how you felt about it. Leave your comment below.

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