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Stored product insects eat away at profits does that eat at you? It doesn’t have to. It has been estimated that insect infestations have cost the store grain industry upwards of 200 million dollars per year. Controlling stored product insects begins with a comprehensive integrated pest management program that should include sanitation, aeration, drying, and products that kill or inhibit the growth of invading insects. An insect growth regulator or IGR. Breaks the lifecycle by mimicking insect biochemistry to disrupt larval development as opposed to the direct toxicity of an insecticide. And IGR provides a longer residual. While insecticide provides immediate impact by killing insects on contact. But Diacon IGR and signal insecticide in your IPM program or complete insect protection for your store grains.

Diacon IGR comes in two formulations versatile liquid and a dry powder. Diacon – D IGR is perfect for water challenge operations. Applying Diacon – D IGR with the two-pound scoop is an easy-to-use option for treating stored grains.

  • Labeled for all stored commodities
  • Apply as a fogging concentrate or a surface spray
  • Broad-spectrum control
  • The active ingredient (S)-methoprene
  • Apply directly to grain stream
  • CODEX Approved
  • Perfect tank-mix partner with Centynal EC Insecticide
  • EPA Tolerance Exempt

Uniformly apply the Diacon – D IGR over the commodity surface. Be sure to wear a dust mask protective gloves, and protective eyewear. Electric applicators are available with the two cubic foot capacity and a super flow agitator that provides precision delivery of Diacon – D IGR with variable speed control.


What technology use for made Diacon® IGR

Because it is a factory-based product, it is often manufactured mechanically. A product made using chemicals must have machines that are resistant to them. Machines such as the SDKM 006 are use there. This machine can fill up to 150 liters at a time. Modern technology has been used.

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