Free graphic designing software 2021 – The best five at a glance!

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Graphic designing is an exciting art. But you need the right tools to get the best output. Most of the software tools are pretty expensive. So, in this article, we will bring you the free graphic designing software – the best five!

Given below are the details about the top five.

Free graphic designing software for Vector art – Gravit Designer

gravit software

Gravit Designer is a fully-featured vector designing software. The team behind this is the same team behind Corel Draw. So, you can trust this software for sure.

It has a complete pack of tools required to create beautiful vector designs. You can create your creative designs with ease. And hey, you do not need to be a master in vector designing. All can use their system with ease!

You can purchase it if you wish to. But the free version is still of the best quality that you can expect!

Download Link

Image editing software – RawTherapee

RawTherapee software
RawTherapee web

RawTherapee is a software that allows you to adjust anything and everything that seems wrong in your images. It is available in Mac, Windows and Linux platforms. It is free and open-source software. It speeds up the workflow and allows you to process batch images at once.

If you do not look at how you expect this, use RawTherapee!

Download Link

3D Software – SketchUp Free is another free graphic designing software

SketchUp free can be downloaded from the browser to any of your devices. This 3D software tool is the best if you want to make the best 3D images! Their paid version offers so much, and the free version is an ideal point to learn 3D graphic designing!

Also, they have an extensive library of models and downloadable sketches. These are free to access and provide all the inspiration you need!

Download Link

Data visualization software – Google charts is one of the most practical free graphic designing software

These Google Charts tools allow you to visualize complex data with ease. It is compelling software. But it is a straightforward tool and is entirely free! There is a wide range of charts that you can choose. It is easy to match the available graphs to your data set correctly because of the full range of options. So, if you are thinking about the perfect infographic generator software – Google charts is the absolute best!

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All in one – Klex

klex website
klex website

Klex is available on all platforms. It also made by the people who made Gravir designer and it shares the same engine. It is an easy-to-learn tool and is widely used by beginners in graphic designing.

If you are a pro-designer, you might find it a bit childish, but this is an excellent tool for the newcomers! And above all, it is a free tool!

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One more hint – Canva 

We could have called it an image processing software, but it is merely more than that! They allow you to freely edit, create and use many other resources at once. This tool is available in iOS and Android platforms.

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