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game dev tycoon guide

Many factors affect the creation of a high-quality game in the game Dev Tycoon. This article is about the game dev tycoon guide. Generally, the goal of game development is to get high review scores (preferably 9.5+). However, during game development, your actions do not directly affect your review scores; rather, your game scores. The game score is a hidden value that you can see only by modding (don’t confuse it with the review points you see), which is a combination of your Game dev tycoon design or tech.

It is divide by a size modifier based on the game (which compensates for the time it takes to improve big games and score more points) and then multiplies by a few quality change. All of these modifiers are usually covered with a single value, with a minimum of about 0.6. Therefore, failing even an available quality test can significantly reduce your game score.

These score points do not directly translate into review scores, and your review scores compare to your previous high scores.

game dev tycoon design or tech

You can mainly influence the combination of Design + Tech from outside game development. Explore more features (allow your employees to score more while developing the feature area) and train your employees / hire additional employees (increase point-to-point).

As mentioned above, the quality of game count as a collection of different modifications, which multiple using the sum of Design + Tech. As a rule of thumb, you have the following improvements that affect the quality of your games:

  • Tech/Design balance
  • Trending
  • Slider (time percentage) allocation
  • Game genre/platform combination
  • Game genre/topic combination
  • Bugs

A few tips to continue

  • The development of games is not just about making sliders. This data is part of the “good way”, but please follow these instructions before continuing:
  • Do not develop two lines in the same topic/category combination.
  • Huge games must be developed with 2D Graphic V4 + and 3D Graphic V3+.
  • AAA games must be developed with 3D Graphic V5 +.
  • You need to develop AAA games with three specialists for the essential stage of your game genre.

Tech/Design balance

Here’s how to apply Tech or Design to each of the areas. But in some respects, both Tech and design fit. There is a designation that is right for them, and you can make your choice. I think it would be best if you could choose the following. Game dev tycoon design or tech, looks below

Engine = Tech

Gameplay = Design

Story/Quests = Design

Dialogues = Design

Level Design = Tech (Design also, but mostly Tech)

AI = Tech

World Design = Design (Also Tech but more Design involved)

Graphics = Both

game dev tycoon
game dev tycoon design or tech

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