How to pair Jaybird X3 | How to Use Jaybird X3

how to pair jaybird x3

In this article, we will discuss how to pair your Jaybird X3 buds to another device. Jaybird X3 is a Mini Wireless Buds device. It can be connected to a music device via Bluetooth and used wirelessly. The long-lasting battery is a special advantage of this Jaybird X3.

How to pair jaybird X3 Using Bluetooth

  1. Hold down the middle of the three small buttons on the Jaybird X3 for 4 seconds, and the device will turn on.
  2. Go to Settings-> Bluetooth on the other device (Mobile, Laptop) to connect and enable Bluetooth.
  3. Jaybird X3 then shows up as a Bluetooth device. Connect it. a
  4. Enter 0000 as the passcode.

This way, you can easily pair your smartphone or other devices to the Jaybird X3. If connected successfully, your buds will hear a message saying ‘Headphone connected.’ Jaybird X3 has a microphone so you can make phone calls through it. You can deactivate the device by pressing and holding the center button again for 4 seconds.

What is the pass-code of Jaybird X3?

The passcode for the Jaybird X3 is 0000. The passcode of Jaybird X3 is the same on every device.

If you use a Bluetooth adapter, connect it to the music device, and it will auto-connect when the Jaybird X3 device is turned on. The passcode should be 0000.

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