How to pair Jaybird X3 | How to Use Jaybird X3

how to pair jaybird x3

In this article, we will discuss how to pair your Jaybird X3 buds to another device. Jaybird X3 is a Mini Wireless Buds device. It can be connected to a music device via Bluetooth and used wirelessly. The long-lasting battery is a special advantage of this Jaybird X3.

How to pair jaybird X3 Using Bluetooth

  1. Hold down the middle of the three small buttons on the Jaybird X3 for 4 seconds, and the device will turn on.
  2. Go to Settings-> Bluetooth on the other device (Mobile, Laptop) to connect and enable Bluetooth.
  3. Jaybird X3 then shows up as a Bluetooth device. Connect it.
  4. Enter 0000 as the passcode.

This way, you can easily pair your smartphone or other devices to the Jaybird X3. If connected successfully, your buds will hear a message saying ‘Headphone connected.’ Jaybird X3 has a microphone so you can make phone calls through it. You can deactivate the device by pressing and holding the center button again for 4 seconds.

What is the pass-code of Jaybird X3?

The passcode for the Jaybird X3 is 0000. The passcode of Jaybird X3 is the same on every device.

If you use a Bluetooth adapter, connect it to the music device, and it will auto-connect when the Jaybird X3 device is turned on. The passcode should be 0000.

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