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Adobe has been working on fixing one of the previous lightroom versions for ios. Previously, to import photos into Lightroom, all the images you had to import first had to be stored in the camera roll. All the photos in that camera roll could have been imported into Lightroom.

However, the latest update released by Adobe on December 10th has eliminated this hassle and allowed you to import photos directly from your storage to Lightroom. This update is available for iOS and iPadOS 13.2. It can import all the photos into Lightroom in one step.

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How to import photos to Lightroom in the new version (iPadOS)

1st step: Touch the three dots on the top right of Lightroom

2nd step: Go “Add photos.”

3rd step: Go “From files.” ( and select photos you want to edit. )

The latest update from adobe will also feature an advanced export feature for Android and ChromeOS devices in November. It gives users the ability to export multiple photos as original, JPEG, TIF, and DNG files, in addition to more options to customize file names, metadata, output sharpening, and color space.

How to import photos to Lightroom in the new version (mac)

1st step: Go File->Import photos and videos (Open the Lightroom Import Dialog Box)

2nd step: Choose Your Import Source.

3rd step: Choose the Photos or Videos To Import

4th step: Click Import

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