Photoshop Cartoon Effect | Easy 3 ways

cartoon effect
photoshop cartoon effect
photoshop cartoon effect

Photoshop is software that can do almost anything in the graphic section. It is not a one-size-fits-all software. Design for the web, Design for print can do by the photoshop software provided by the adobe company. We discussed in a previous article about the past and the use of Photoshop. Go here and read it. Here we explain how to create a real photo cartoon using Photoshop software. Having some photoshop knowledge helps. But for those who don’t know anything about Photoshop, Now we discuss step-by-step how to create cartoon effect using photoshop.

1st way

  1. Obtain a new document of 2500px * 2500px size. Set the mode to RGB and resolution 300.
  2. Add a photo with a resolution value that is easy to recreate. (We are creating on that photo. So choose a photo that looks well edges.)
  3. In this method, we use filters to get the cartoon effect. Before adding filters, we need to make the image layer a smart object. Right-click the layer and select Convert to Smart object.
  4. We need to get a duplicate layer so that we don’t have to do any edit to the original image, and we want to apply effluents on it. Select the image layer and press Ctrl + J.
  5. Select the desired image from the image using the Pen tool or another convenient selection tool. Press Ctrl + J to reserve that partition. Make it smart as well.
  6. Use the following filters to get the Cartoon effect. You can see how to use those filters in the attached video below.
  7. Finally, adjust the light by adjustment -> Curves for the dark areas of the image or for the areas where light is needed.
Photoshop Cartoon Effect

2nd way

Here the same method is used to create an image. The speciality of this method is that we use the pen tool to draw shapes on the image we add. The following is a step-by-step guide.
Even using an image, this way, we get the latest Design. This like vector art using Illustrator software.

  1. Open the required image in Photoshop.
  2. Crop the opacity up to 50% by growing it to the desired level.
  3. Use the Pen tool and create shapes of the same colour as the shapes in the video below.
  4. Be careful because the shapes are designed to stay on top of the layer.
  5. Finally, select all the layers and make a smart object.
    This method is clearly shown in the video below.
Cartoon effect using the pen tool

3rd way

In this method, we do a manual drawing. Draw as a sketch. Follow the steps below to create. Watch the video below to get an idea.

  1. Take a bright paper and draw the image you want with a dark pen.
  2. Then photograph it or scan it and open it with Photoshop software.
  3. Create the shapes using the pen tool along the lines as before.
  4. Finally, make all layers, smart objects.
Sketch to vector art

In this article, we have explained 3 ways to get cartoon effect and vector art effect through Photoshop. There are many more ways to do this, and everyone knows how to comment below. Keep up with us to read such articles daily.

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