Photoshop Layer Palette – Quick Review

photoshop layers review

Today, let’s talk about the layer palette in Photoshop. The article is long. Be patient and read.

Layer palette has several layers.

There are two ways that layers behave when we create photoshop

  • Designing on a Layer.
    We are talking about drawing something with a regular brush, Erase that worn thing. We can do things like selecting something from a selection tool on a single layer. That Layer can be a new layer, an image layer.
  • Create a new Layer
    The second way we create something is to create a layer and a new layer in the layer palette. If we type something, If you draw a shape (rectangle tool, pen tool), a separate layer, shape layer, create new layers. That’s why it’s so easy for us to handle them.
  • Under the Layer palette, we can look at a few small icons. They handle the layers and make necessary edits. If you start with the left.
photoshop layer
photoshop layers review
  1. Link layer (Linking to another layer)
  2. Layer style (Here are the effects for the Layer or the effects of the Blending Option. Blending Option is an excellent place to learn.
  3. Layer mask
    A mask means that we can select the area where we want to apply the effect. And the mask can only make the necessary changes.
  4. Adjustment layer
    We can use this icon to adjust the Layer we want.
  5. Group
    Layers are used to create a group.
  6. New Layer
    Use this icon to get a new layer. A new layer is like a transparent paper. We can do whatever we want with this effect.
  7. Delete Layer
    This use to delete the Layer.

Layer Tricks

Then there’s Opacity and Fill over two. These two can increase the intensity of the Layer we select. Start with 100%. Try it. Then there’s the blend mode. There are also some modes we can use. In Layers, we can click any layer and drag it up and down to any place.
You can press the ctrl key and select a few layers. Right-click them and click on the merge layer.
A smart object can do the same. The smart object is a layer that combines several objects. You can also edit that Layer by double-clicking on it.
Select one layer and press the alt key and click on the Layer below it. Now it likes one layer. But we can change it.

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