Symphony of the Seas


There has been an important place to sea as a leading transportation method since the ancient times of human civilization. People made their travelling from overseas countries to another across sea. They took their things to sell and it was a rare occasion to be a sailor on the purpose of joy.  Things have changed and people have found many different entertainment methods as well as travelling ways. Some people still chooses sea as a good transportation method while others chose it as a good way to spend their vacation.

Sympathy of the Seas is such a way to spend your weekend on the sea. Creators of this ship might have heard the rumors of naming a ship according to traditions and they have followed those rules so well. This ship may get the sympathy as well as the honor of theseven seas as well.This ship is considered as the longest ship among all other ships. This is the king of ships.  Length of this ship is 660 meters which is more than half a kilometer. Just imagine how big this ship is. This ship can carry 600 passengers with comfort and space. There is a staff of 2200 crew members.  Symphony of the Seas is consisted of 18 floors that reminds us a small city with all the facilities and the infrastructure.  Height of this floating city is 73 meters. This ship is providing all the entertainment facilities that a modern city can provide. There are super markets, shopping centers, cinema halls, and golf grounds that a man can get any kind of entertainment. It is said the estimated cost per day is about $800 dollars as an average cost. People dream to sail on this ship at least a day in their life time.  Royal Carribean Company is working hard to produce an even bigger ship than Symphony of the Seas ship. It will be Created within next few years to come.

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