Will a smart TV work without internet connection? – Smart tricks for your Smart TV to perform offline

Will a smart TV work without internet connection

Are you someone who has this burning question in your mind; Will a smart TV work without internet connection? Well, there is good news as well as bad news for you. The good news is the answer to this question is a straightforward “Yes!”. The bad news is that smart TV smart features will not be supported without an internet connection. But still, there are few tricks you can use to use such non-supporting features as well.

Before digging into the tricks, it is important to have a little insight into smart TVs and their key differences from an ordinary TV.

How a smart TV differs from an ordinary TV?

A smart TV, AKA connected TV (CTV), combines a traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web features. Simply, it is a combination of TV, PC, and the Internet. This manifested version of TV provides added advantages like stream music and videos, browse the Internet, and view photos. Besides the traditional functions of television and set-top boxes via traditional broadcasting media, a smart TV can deliver much more. They can provide Internet TV, online interactive media, over-the-top content (OTT) or on-demand streaming media, and home networking access.

Smart technologies evolve and update as every minute pass by. The technology when you started reading this article is not the same as when you finish reading it. Smart TV technology and software are the same! Smart TVs come with both proprietary and open-source software, mostly available on online App Stores. TVs can run applications, play over-the-top media services and interactive on-demand media, personalized communications, and have social networking features. It is like using an android device.

Remember, Smart TV and Internet TV (IPTV, or Web television) are not the same! Internet TV is receiving television content over the Internet instead of traditional systems such as terrestrial, cable, and satellite.

How to connect a Smart TV to the Internet?  

There are two ways to connect your smart TV to the Internet.

  1. via a wired Ethernet connection
  2. Through built-in WiFi that allows it to connect to the home broadband network.

Okay, now let us move to the golden question!

Will a smart TV work without internet connection?  

Now you can clearly understand that the purpose of a smart TV is basically to integrate TV and the Internet. The major feature separating smart TVs and not-so-smart TVs is an internet connection. Therefore, most of the key smart features will not work without the Internet. Downloading and updating apps, browsing, streaming, to name a few.

But that does not mean you are unable to use a smart TV without the Internet. There are basic features that are still available to you.

Regular Cable TV

Local broadcast TV networks are available over the air, and you can capture them simply using a TV antenna. Once you have a digital-ready TV, all you need to do is install a TV antenna. You can enjoy the cable TV channels without a hassle through your smart TV.

USB Streaming

Who needs internet streaming when you have a USB stick full of pre-downloaded Netflix movies? All Smart TVs have USB ports; All you need to do is plug the USB stick and start streaming as much as you want without any data charges.

Streaming through connected devices.

The traditional way of watching media through a connected DVD, Blue Ray players, or Satellite TV is still possible. Just follow the usual steps of connecting the device to your old TV. It will work fine!

Tips and Tricks  

Now we come to the interesting part! You would not purchase a Smart TV just to experience what a regular TV can deliver, right? There are few ways to access the smart features even without the Internet.

HDMI Method – Watch Netflix without Internet! [H5]

Netflix is most probably the most popular streaming service. It usually requires Internet and a subscription for streaming. One way to stream Netflix content playing on a TV without an internet connection is to have a smartphone, tablet, or PC with an HDMI output connected to the TV. Play them on your device, and the contents will be visible on your Smart TV as well. PlayOn Plus is a great platform to watch Netflix without the Internet, as it allows you to record content. You can store that recorded Netflix show on any device like iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, laptop, etc. Then watch that Netflix show or movie offline.

How to connect?

  • Place your device close to your TV. Make sure both are turned off.
  • Insert the HDMI cable into the socket will be labeled ‘HDMI’ your device.
  • Plug the HDMI cable’s other end into the TV, probably hidden under a flap.
  • Turn ON your TV, Use the AV button and select ‘AV’.
  • Turn your PC on and answer the message boxes that may appear regarding the connection.
  • You are all set! Sit, surf, and enjoy!
Streaming Device Method   

Media boxes or streaming devices have built-in preprogrammed apps and channels. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HULU, ITV Player are few examples. If you have such a device, then your Smart TV does not need an internet connection. Your device will act as a Free-view box that hooks up to your WiFi.

The exact method of connecting may differ from device to device. Therefore, brows a little to know specifically about your device and set it up. However, all devices must be plugged directly into the TV via the USB port or HDMI port.

Apple TV 4K, Roku, Chrome-cast, and NVIDIA TV Shield are a few of the most famous streaming players.

TV Dongle Method  

A TV dongle is like a little USB and will act as a streaming device on a super small scale. These dongles also come with different apps like media boxes. Apps include games, social media, as well as music. The set-up may differ from dongle to dongle.

The two most famous choices in the market include Chrome-cast and the Amazon Firestick. Another amazing option is Now TV, but you would need a monthly subscription for this service.  

Smart Players and Game Consoles Method  

If you plan to play online games on your Smart TV without an internet connection, go for a Smart DVD player or games console with in-built WiFi.

How to connect?

Some higher-end DVD players feature in-built WiFi, allowing them to connect your TV to the Internet. Most modern games consoles also come with built-in WiFi. PS4, and Xbox 360/Xbox One, to name a few. In either case, connect these devices to your smart TV through an HDMI cable. This is the best way for clear visuals and sound.

Mirroring AKA Screen-casting Method  
  • If you have any smart device with Android OS 4.4.2 or above, and your Smart TV supports mirroring, go with this choice. But this method is not entirely out of the Internet as previous methods. Here, both your TV and device must use the same WiFi network. That is exactly why it is the 5th option to go for. But, once you are set, the internet connection to the TV will be out of use. Rather, it will be the mirroring devices’ connection that is used.

How to connect?

  • Open the option “mirroring” on your TV and set your Smart TV to mirror. Then the TV will wait for a mirroring connection.
  • Open the mirroring feature or the mirroring app on your Android device and click start.
  • If your TV does not originally support mirroring, get an app such as Chrome-cast or screen-cast.

Will a smart TV work without internet connection? -Now you know the exact answer!  [H4]

A Smart TV is a combination of TV, PC, and the Internet. It can work with or without the Internet, but a Smart TV is not exactly smart without the Internet. Most smart features such as downloading and updating Apps, browsing, and streaming will not work without an internet connection. However, smart tricks for your Smart TV can access those features without an internet connection in the TV itself. But you would always need another device and an internet connection to that extra device to carry this out. I hope this article might help you to tackle your golden question!

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