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Yahoo was the most popular name on the Internet a few years ago. It was the crown jewel of the Internet before Google came to the fore. It looks like Yahoo is coming back to us in a new guise, having suffered a setback due to Google’s service and corporate issues. Their main service is the yahoo mail service. Yahoo also distanced itself from people due to competition from companies that Google and Facebook were acquiring. In this article, we will discuss the journey from Yahoo service’s arrival to the present day. Yahoo is one of the most technologically advanced service providers in the world. We hope that the return of Yahoo will come to us even stronger than before.

yahoo mail
Yahoo mail logo. This is the new yahoo mail logo.

Yahoo startup

Yahoo was founded in 1994 by Jarry Yang and David Filo of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in the United States. What started as a simple web entry designed for entertainment has gradually begun to gain popularity among the masses. Yahoo was working on adding individual elements to the web directory of surfers that existed at the time. It was primarily about collecting news, financial news, and sports news. Yahoo, which gradually became a search engine, by 1998, began offering a wide range of services such as email, Classifieds, Games, Travel, Shopping, Chatting. Then it becomes an internet tool that provides benefits beyond a portal. Yahoo had the opportunity to buy Facebook and Google during the competitive era. Yahoo planned to buy Google in 2002 and Facebook in 2006, but they did not work out. If so, yahoo would be the largest network in the world today.

Yahoo music

Yahoo was one of the first to offer music broadcasting services such as Spotify, apple music, and tidal, top-rated applications today. There, they launched a service called yahoo music. In 2001 the yahoo music included 1000 songs that were completely free, with the free package featuring ads and slightly lower quality songs. At the same time, there was a package that you could get for $ 4 a month. It had unlimited songs, CD-quality, and the ability to enjoy songs without any commercials.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo launched the yahoo mail service on October 8, 1997. Gradually, this service became the most used mail service in the world until 2015. With the rise of Google, yahoo services have been a bit sluggish due to the downturn. The service was re-launched in January 2020 in a new way. Yahoo mail became very popular between 1998 and 2002. Thousands of new members were joining the service every day. In 2002 redesigned all yahoo services to give users more features. At the same time, they managed to reach tens of millions of yahoo mail users. And yahoo made email an essential part of people’s lives at that time.

At the same time, Yahoo is becoming the king of the Internet, launching many more services. However, Yahoo’s operations faltered after 2012 due to the crisis within the company and the rapid growth of Google. Taking advantage of the decline of the yahoo mail system, Google was promoting its Gmail service to the masses. As such, Gmail has become one of the most used email services in the world today.

Nature and technicalities of the Yahoo mail service.

Yahoo mail service, which has been gaining market share since the inception of the email service world, has gradually improved by providing the latest features to its users. With the new update released in 2020, features that are not available in any other email service will be available to users. The mail backup service and the method of deleting all the emails at once have been added to the yahoo mail service.

Photos and Document

In the latest yahoo mail inbox, there are two tabs like photos and documents. This allows us to view the photos and documents in the email we receive separately. It is a very important component in normal use. We can use that tab to quickly find any image we received.

Create a new Yahoo Account

You must have a Yahoo mail account to access any Yahoo services. Then all your transactions will be done through that account. You can quickly and easily create a yahoo mail account and verify your phone number. You can create this very quickly as follows.

  1. Click here to registration page.
  2. Fill all the details.
  3. Click Continue

Yahoo Mail Login

After creating the account, you can first log in to yahoo. You can go to the link below.

Yahoo Small Business

The Yahoo Company is back on the Internet competition. The logos and branding of all their services have been updated. At the same time, several other services have been introduced. Among them, the Yahoo Small Business service introduced for small businesses is very important. This will make it easier and cheaper to build a business website for your small business. They provide many services such as domain, hosting, business e mail for a very low price. This service is very valuable for start-ups.

In this article we discussed about the yahoo brand. In the future, we will also discuss more such advanced companies in the world of technology. Click here to read our previous article.

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